teacher smiling and helping students read
Teacher watches a student write in a classroom
Teacher helps a student write

 What is SETSS? 

(SETSS) is specially designed and/or supplemental instruction provided by a special education teacher.

These services help your child stay in the general education classroom while receiving services from a special education teacher. The special education teacher may work directly with your child to support participation in a general education classroom and provide direct specially designed and/or supplemental instruction to your child. This may include adapting the content being taught or using different instructional methods such as visual aids, highlighted work sheets and simplified directions 

When a student is attending a mainstream school and is having difficulty in one or more subject areas, they receive or are entitled to receive through the Board of Education tutoring which is called P3 or SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) services.

This means that a licensed Special Education teacher will meet the student to assist in his/her area(s) of difficulty. This service is free of charge to the family.

 How do I get SETSS 
 for my child? 

Generally, the school contacts the family and asks them to have the child evaluated by the Board of Education because the child is having difficulty keeping up with their class or has a weakness in a particular academic area.  However, parents can request this as well. 

Once the child is granted this service, Diamond ABA will help you find the perfect provider to fit your child’s schedule and educational needs.

If your child might benefit from Enhanced P3 services, Diamond ABA can help begin that process, call us at 678-672-6407 for more information.